imagesOne way in which Online Casinos thank players for signing up with their particular casino and not choosing another, is by offering players a welcome gift, such as a Free Play Bonus. That free play bonus is usually an amount of free cash the casino offers to new gamblers, along with a certain time frame that the bonus must be used within. All of the new players will receive this awesome free play bonus on if they are FIRST TIME players with the casino in question. Straight after joining the casino you can get a move on in the direction of claiming your free play bonus, as the free play period stipulated in the casinos rules and regulations will have begun. The trick is to move quickly, and to bet as many times as you can before your time runs out…win as much as you can WHILE you can! Whatever credits you amass as winnings during that free play period, playing with your free play bonus, will be yours to keep!

Free play bonuses are like no deposit bonuses but work a little differently and are more challenging to cashout if you win. No deposit bonuses at online casinos are usually in the range of $5 to $100 whereas a free play bonuscan vary from $500 to $2000. The bonus works by starting with a balance say of $1000 for example and you have a time limit to play most games like slots and see how much you can win. If you win a lot then this bonus may be claimed as a match bonus. The match bonuses are around 100% so they are nice incentives and they are fun to play with a large balance since players who don’t make high deposits don’t know what it feels like to bet $50 on a single spin at a slot machine. It is certainly fun to play more aggressively since most of these promotions are time based. Although you can probably play freeplay bonuses on keno and scratch cards with rarely table games and video poke they are usually reserved for slots play only.

If you play any freeplay bonuses your strategy should be to bet large and bet fast as you will probably have a time limit to win as much as you can. Assuming your balance doesn’t crash to zero try betting as large as you can if you don’t have many limits on the bet sizes. If you are looking at specific slots to play then we recommend you play Food Fight slot with all Real Time Gaming casinos, Thunderstruck with all Microgaming casinos and Scary Rich for all Rival powered casinos. These games are known to play fast and have a high variance which means you will lose fast but if you win the jackpots are larger than the rest of their slot game selections. A higher variance slot game will give you a better chance of winning big to be able to cashin.

See our free play bonus listings and enjoy the bonuses. Remember once you get the bonus you must start betting immediately and you can’t take a break otherwise your time will run out. Good luck at the slot games!

How to use a Free Play Bonus

The technology available to online gamblers and the giant steps Apple has made in creating their brilliant range of Smartphone’s means that anybody with an iPhone or an iPad can visit an iPad Casino and play casino games online.
The great thing about a free play bonus is that even if you do come off a little worse and your balance goes south, you weren’t playing with your money to begin with! So don’t go getting all worried that you’ll have to pay in the difference or anything like that. Free play bonuses are great, because they are also no deposit bonuses; meaning that the player has to make absolutely no contribution to his or her casino account to be eligible for these bonuses. This is a great opportunity to test drive the casino and get a feel for it…see if you are happy with the customer service etc.

There are many variations of bonuses to be found at the hundreds of different casinos across the web. Which casino you pick (and the bonuses that go with it) depend on your personal preferences as a player…each casino has their benefits and drawbacks. Other forms of signup bonuses include; match deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free spins bonuses and also many game specific bonuses; meaning you are only eligible for a certain bonus if you play a particular game. Do a little bit of research into the casinos and their offers; it will definitely pay off in the long run. Read all the casino reviews to see what’s what, because your free play bonus won’t last forever!