Neteller Accepted Online Casinos

NetellerNeteller PLC is a public trading company that is listed on London’s AIM exchange. Neteller offers a safe and secure internet funds transfer service. Neteller is one of the top alterative funds transfer service providers around the world and the company has been offering safe online transactions since its inception in 1999. They are based at the Standard Bank Building in Douglas, which is located in Isle of Man. The company also has various other global offices in places like England, Canada, Costa Rica, and China.

When you open a Neteller account, it acts as a type of e-wallet that allows you to upload, transfer, and withdraw funds. Clients can transfer funds to and from any merchant website instantly as long as the website uses Neteller’s online payments platform

How does Neteller Work?

Neteller clients use it to transfer money in a secure and convenient way. Once you sign up for an account, all you have to do is enter your Neteller Account ID, your Secure ID, and the figure that you wish to send from your Neteller accounts. The transfers happen in real time, which means instantly.

Neteller clients do not need to enter their personal bank or credit card details at each website they wish to do business with. They conveniently only have to enter their details once on the Neteller site, which then allows them to make quick and painless transactions at a large variety of websites. Online merchants can do business with Neteller clients but they do not have access to the client’s bank or credit card details. This means that you only have to trust one company with your private details and not tens or hundreds.

Neteller allows clients to choose from one of many convenient methods to load and withdraw funds via their Neteller accounts. Some of these methods include Credit card deposits, InstaCash transfers, and Neteller’s Cards.

Neteller also offer various payment options that you won’t find at other internet payment systems, such as options specifically designed for European and North American customers, like their own Internet banking facility.

Another great thing is that you can choose how long the transaction will take by selecting the transfer method of your choice. Depending on the method and the fee involved payments can be instant or take between two and three business days. Their instant option is called InstaCash, and the longer method involves transferring funds from your bank to your Neteller account.