MoneyBookers Accepted Online Casinos

MoneybookersMoneybookers ( Skrill) is one of the leading international internet payment systems that issues electronic money, and is authorized under EU and UK laws. They are regulated by a United Kingdom company called the FSA or Financial Services Authority. Moneybookers delivers a financial product that is very well suited for online sellers, small businesses, individuals as well as others who are unhappy with their current traditional payment systems. They are more popular than in some countries as they accept clients from all over the globe.

Our reviewers have looked at the dozens of online casinos, testing and grading them against criteria such as reliability, security and the welcome deposits they offer. We have then compiled our top list to bring you the top three Moneybookers online casinos, showing you the ones that stand out from the crowd.

How does Moneybookers Work?

Moneybookers allows businesses and consumers with valid email addresses to safely and (rather) cheaply send and receive cash online. You can use Moneybookers to send cash from bank account or credit/debit card, and this is securely done via email. Use them to make purchases online and to collect payments via email.

Moneybookers has a very wide network of global international and national payment options. They have one interface for payments, marketing and banking, and they allow you to make direct payments without having to register directly.

I have been using this company for the last three months and have no complaints whatsoever. I have found their staff members to be very helpful and honest, their costs to be quite competitive, I will continue to do business and we do quite a lot of business with them.

I spoke to a Moneybookers consultant a couple of months ago, and she was very helpful about assisting me in choosing the right account for my country and currency. I am able to recommend Moneybookers but would advise you to first speak to a consultant before applying online. Some of the currency conversion procedures and fees might be more complicated than you think and you cannot really change your preferred currency once you have applied. It took a while to be able to verify my bank account but I found it less hassle free than others that I’ve tried. When my address was verified, the transactions went smoothly.