Click2Pay Accepted Online Casinos

Click2PayClick2Pay offers an online e-wallet service, available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. The e-wallet system can be used to make purchases at online stores or money transfers into online gambling accounts from anywhere in the world. As long as the user has a working internet connection and a Click2Pay user account. Click2Pay is a payment option that instantly transfers funds from the Click2Pay account to a merchant of the customer’s choice. This could be an online gambling account. The funds are received by the merchant the same moment the send button in Click2Pay has been pressed.

When you register a new Click2Pay account, it is easy to link a credit card to the account or to make a bank transfer into the e-Wallet. When the registration process is complete, the Click2Pay customer service will give the customer a phone call within a few minutes. During the call, three very easy questions are asked, such as: ‘what is the email address connected to the account?’ ‘What is the answer to the security question?’ These questions are asked to ensure that the account actually belongs to the one that has registered it. Click2Pay focuses on the deliverance of a safe payment option. To make sure all transfers are secured, Click2Pay sends all their transfers with a 128 bit encryption, and that is the highest security encryption available on the market so far. Not only are the transfers made with a 128 encryption, all customer details are sent in the same way. All together, this makes Click2Pay one of the safest and most secure ways to deposit money online to merchants and gambling sites. Click2Pay does not share any personal details with any third party operator.

Best Online Casinos That Accept Click2Pay

Click2Pay offers 5 different levels of user accounts. These levels are called the ‘Star Rating’. Star Rating 1 lets the user spend €50 a week from the Click2Pay account. This rating is the standard setting for most non-European countries. Star Rating 2 is the standard limit for European customers and allows the user to buy and deposit up to €500 a week. After you have spent €750 it becomes possible to go up to Star Rating 3: €1000 a week. The next limit in line is €3000 and this is what the user can spend in a week when at Star Rating 4. The highest Star Rating (5) allows their holder to spend up to €10000 in one week at for example InterPoker. In order to receive this star rating, the customer must have spent €9000. To increase the levels of the account the customer needs to spend the set amount and then send an email to the Click2Pay customer support asking for a raise of the star rating.

Click2Pay Available Currency:

The Click2Pay e-Wallet is available in the three of the major worldwide currencies: Euro, British Sterling and the US Dollar. When you open the Click2 Pay account, you are able to select the currency which you prefer. When you make a withdrawal from the Click2Pay account, there are two possibilities. Via a check, issued in the currency of choice or by applying for the Click2Pay debit card. The Click2Pay debit card is used in the ATM and will pay out the funds in local currency. Daily exchange rates apply when using the Click2Pay debit card. Click2Pay offers the following currencies to have a Click2Pay account in: US Dollar, Euro, UK Pound Sterling, Australian Dollar.

Click2Pay Languages:

Clik2Pay offers several f different languages for their customers. When the customer types in the website address, the first screen the visitor sees, is a world map where it is possible to click on the continent of the users’ home. When this is completed, Click2Pay shows the consumer which languages are able to view their website in. English and Spanish are offered everywhere except in a few countries and the website is translated to 11 languages in total. When a language is available at the site, customer support is available in that language as well.

Click2Pay is not available for these countries: Iraq, Ghana, Djibouti, Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria or Afghanistan.

Click2Pay offers the following languages to make use of their services: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Chinese, Japanese.

Click2Pay General Info:

Click2Pay is company that sprung from Wafepay Ltd. Wafepay Ltd is a Grasbrunn (Germany) based company, situated just outside of the Munich municipality, in the southern parts of Germany close to the Austrian Border. With the use of Click2Pay the customer has an easy overview of all payments performed, ever since the account was opened. With the easy overview and the instant deposit method, Click2Pay makes an extraordinary good e-wallet for the players to handle their money with. When you read the terms and conditions of use, the customer can easily review that Click2Pay is working under German law in all aspects regarding security and data protection. Click2Pays Customers are protected by Click2Pay and personal details will not be handed over to a third party. With the Debit card issued by Click2Pay it is simple for the customer to keep the gambling account out of eyesight of any third party.