downloadA Cash Back Bonus is a re-fund in bonus money, or sometimes even real cash money, that you get back in your account if you have lost money while playing. Normally this kind of bonus is a percentage of your net losses. As you will have already wagered your funds, you really have nothing to lose when taking part in this kind of promotions. A Cash Back Bonus or real money Cash Back reward is getting more and more popular under real money casino players. A cash-back bonus gives players a portion of their losses back. It generally given in the form of cash or credits to play with at the casino. While deposit bonuses are great, if you’re a big time player who wants to extend their playing time, a cash-back bonus may be the way to go. An example on how it works is – if a casino offers a 10% cash-back bonus and you lose $500, you’ll get $50 back.

What Is a Cashback Program?

The cashback program is mostly the domain of the online casino. Similar programs exist in land-based casinos, but they take the form of slot clubs, VIP clubs, and comp point tracking systems. Though these clubs may occasionally offer cash back, especially to their VIP customers, you are more likely to earn free room upgrades, meals, or other on-property goodies than actual cash money.

An online cashback bonus or cashback program is different from the welcome bonuses that most online casino reviews focus on. Casinos pay cashback bonuses to their most loyal customers either once a month or once every few weeks. The amount of cashback a player earns is directly related to the amount of money they lost at the casino during the previous playing period. These bonuses are paid out in cash directly to your online casino player account or sometimes as credit towards more casino play.

The amount you can earn in cashback varies from casino to casino and from gambler to gambler. If you are a high roller, spending thousands of dollars a month playing online casino games, you stand to earn much more than a casual player. As a rule of thumb, casino cashback offers range from 5-20%, though sites that offer larger cashback amounts usually require a higher amount of bets to claim your bonus money.

How Do Cashback Programs Work?

Every online casino cashback program is a little different. The ins and outs of the cashback program vary from one site to the next: for example, at some online casinos, you have to send a request to the casino cashier for a cashback bonus while at other sites, the cashback program runs automatically. The amount you have to wager in order to qualify for cashback differs from one promotional period to the next, though normally you have to be spending a good deal of money at an online casino before you can claim cashback bonuses.

Casino Cashback Terms and Conditions

As with any online casino promotion, it’s important to read the terms and conditions that come with any cashback program offer. Make sure you understand what games count towards cashback bonus offers (some games that don’t offer the casino much edge, like online blackjack, won’t count), how much you have to wager before you qualify, and if there is a cap on your offer.

Some sites place the cap as low as $100 a month, while others allow you to earn as much as $500 or more in cashback. The only way to know if your cashback bonus is capped is to read the terms and conditions. Each site offering a cashback program has its own rules; for example, at Bet365 the casino will uses a rebate program to pay cashback to their best customers, but those customers must have at least $50 in their player account before the casino will pay out. Without reading the cashback offer’s fine print, you’d have no way of knowing that.

How to Choose a Casino Cashback Program

If you’re shopping for a good casino cashback program, you have a few factors to consider:

Do I plan to wager enough at this site to qualify for cashback?

Once you’ve researched an online casino’s cashback program, you know how much you have to wager (and how much you have to lose) to participate in the site’s cashback bonus program. Now you have to decide if the site is appealing enough for you to spend that amount of cash. Make sure you like a casino’s software, design, and other promotions and perks before you sign up chasing a cashback bonus.

How regularly does the site pay out cashback bonuses?

Are you interested in weekly cashback bonuses? Would you prefer to have a month to earn your cashback bonus? Since every casino site operates differently, understand the timeline of a casino’s cashback program before you join.

Is this casino’s cashback program a special offer or a full-time promotion?

Some online casinos will offer special one-time cashback bonuses. These are usually valid for all play on a few specific days out of each month and only on a very specific list of the casino’s games. If you’re looking for regular cashback bonus payouts, you want to avoid sites that are just running a temporary cashback bonus program, or sites that only offer cashback a few times a year.

Casino cashback programs shouldn’t be the number one thing you’re looking for in an online casino site. All promotions are designed to be bonuses, small amounts to reward you for your business. Cashback bonuses are a way to recoup a small percentage of your losses, and shouldn’t be something you gamble more to try and earn. If used properly, casino cashback programs can help protect your  bankroll from big losses, and reward you for the time and money you spend playing online casino games.